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Posted By: BB
19-Aug-07 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: Off to Broadstairs...
Subject: RE: Off to Broadstairs...
Oh, Richard, I'm disappointed in you! You must have realised from being in the singarounds last year that there is no "rigid divide" of voices and instruments in that particular session. It's whatever any individual or group brings to it. I suppose most of the singers are unaccompanied, but that's their choice, and accompanied singers or instrumentalists are equally welcome, as are those who prefer the spoken word. (And I have photos from this year to prove all of the above!) And we're not talking about booked guests here. Perhaps in the lunchtime sessions at the Neptune, there are few that take instruments except the booked artists, as there is little room in there, or perhaps again people just choose not to. I don't believe those who run those sessions would frown on the use of instruments though.

As to accompanying other performers, it's something I must admit to not being too happy about - in my experience, it can, as Synbyn above says, be very off-putting to inexperienced singers, but if not done very sensitively, it can also change the way any singer sings the song, particularly as regards rhythm. For instance, it can force someone into singing a song strictly in rhythm which, when unaccompanied, they would not choose to do. There may be sessions in which a free-for-all (and that is not to put it down) is accepted and welcomed, and others in which it isn't. I think it is good manners to ask a singer whether they mind before one charges in with an accompaniment, and, certainly in the singarounds at Broadstairs, this would not be easy to do. It's just not that sort of session.

As to the shops and restaurants, etc., you must have found different ones to us - the only time I found anyone the slightest bit rude was the woman in the launderette at the top of the town. Otherwise, everyone was very pleasant and welcoming.

Ah well, you can't please all the people all of the time.