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Posted By: Richard Bridge
18-Aug-07 - 07:30 PM
Thread Name: Off to Broadstairs...
Subject: RE: Off to Broadstairs...
Curiously, the first time I went to Broadstairs was when Jacqui was alive and we still had our young (not so young now) tenor and lead guitarist, Royston Ford, so the band was "Roger the Chorister Mark II" an then it was still possible to go into a pub between booked electric stuff (mostly from across the water - either American or Irish) and say "can we play?" and be able to start something. This has not been so for several years and the chorus of criticism from folkies on the point has been constant afaik. But it was even then impossible not to get flung out of a pub after the "official" time had passed. The other thing we noted then was that if one wanted to get a meal or to go into a shop between sessions there was an almost palpable resentment of the invaders.

Further, in the club bits, it is seemingly very sniffed at to get one's instrument out to accompany others. Indeed I was soundly rebuked by the little man on the door. Odd, Heelstone didn't seem to mind last year. Very different from the late lamented 8 Bells at Tenterden where (sorry, but I'm pished enough to say this right now and sod modesty) both Adrian O and Tom Lewis have welcomed my accompaniment.

The other thing I find iffy about Broadstairs is that there seems to be a rigid divide in the sessions between "voice only" and "instrument only" - and unless you are a booked guest there is a drawn breath if you want to get an instrument out to accompany yourself.

Note to self - go on, burn your bridges....