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Posted By: Becca72
09-Aug-07 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help with bridal shower
Subject: RE: BS: Help with bridal shower
Cluin, that's the bachelorette party, not the bridal shower...

Dani, as a woman who has been to a few of these in her day, I can honestly say I HATE bridal shower games.

I was at my cousin's shower this weekend and the only one we played was going around the room and giving your name and how you knew the bride then taking the 1st initial of your name and coming up with a word to describe the bride....

I did this one for a co-worker once..I had everyone in the office come up with 1 line of a story, leaving some parts blank. As the bride is opening her gifts you write down what she says and then use those phrases to fill in the blanks of the story.. ie "On their wedding night Jane turned to John and said 'oh, it's so heavy'" Make sense? PM me if you want more detail.

At another cousin's shower we were all given a clothes pin at the door. You were not allowed to say the groom's name. If you caught someone saying it, you got to take their clothes pin (the object was to try to make people slip up). At the end the person with the most clothes pins won a little prize.

We also played the "purse treasure hunt" which is pretty self-explanatory...make a list of items and the person who has the most of said items in her purse gets a little something...

Hope this helps!