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07-Aug-07 - 09:53 PM
Thread Name: Hedge and Donna - Where are they now ?
Subject: RE: Hedge and Donna - Where are they now ?
I just googled "hedge and donna" and was amazed to find all these aficionados for a duo that I thought I only knew because I went to Whittier College with them; yes, of course, I knew they had sold seven albums on a major label and, yes, I knew (because I was there) that they once opened for Nina Simone at the Troubadour, but I have so rarely found others who knew them that I was delighted to find so many asking the same question - How do we get their music?
(By the way, you know that amazing solo Donna does on H/D2, "Four Women"? That's Nina's, and Nina and Donna each sang it that night at the Troub.)
Also anyone of you who has their albums on mp3 or cd - especially the first three albums - I would love to get it from you. (How do I contact you?) But I also want someone who knows how to do it to get them made into commercially available cds. I have every one of their records stored away but no functioning record player.
I was a freshman in the senior year of Hedge Capers and Donna Carson. Because Hedge and I were both in the theatre arts department (Donna was sociology/psychology), I met him and hung out with a group he often hung with in the on-campus lunch place. I was fortunate to be asked by a student to be in her one-act play - with Hedge playing my daddy. This student director had never seen me act and had barely met me, so I couldn't figure out how I got the honor till I found out I was to play a fourteen-year-old brat (part of the benefits of looking fourteen when you're nineteen.)
I was aware of Hedge for two reasons before I met him: He did campus concerts, sometimes with Donna and sometimes with the group called "The Capers," which had two other guys, including Arnie Moore (who was mentioned earlier in this thread); and also because I saw him play the young Buddhist priest in the student-directed "Rashamon" - with the same Arnie Moore as the wigmaker. Both were phenomenal. Arnie's bass is also heard on Richie Havens' stunning "Richard P. Havens 1983" which came out in the 1969.
Anyone who knows Hedge or Donna, please tell them I said "hi."