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Posted By: Maryrrf
31-Jul-07 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Website Dilemma
Subject: RE: Tech: Website Dilemma
Thanks for the advice folks. I know that technically the website could (very easily, actually) be done at a distance, but we have had a lot of trouble with this person being unreliable anyway, and I think it would be even worse once he is away from things and not really involved in the concert series anymore. I could look for another volunteer, but at this point I think I'd rather just figure out how to do it myself and not have to rely on somebody. I know it will involve working out some stuff initially but once I get into a routine it won't be that difficult to keep up with, and there is the old saying - "If you want something done - do it yourself". Better than getting aggravated over somebody who can't be counted on. We WILL have a meeting where I can ask questions and I'm sure I can e-mail him for guidance but I hope to get up to speed as soon as I can on my own.

Actually I think I still have the original CD ROM from Frontpage 2000 - wonder if it would run on Vista?

The editing tools on Freeservers paid edition are just as elementary as the free ones, Radgall, unfortunately. I was actually thinking of a paid version of Geocities. I'm familiar with their editing tools and the thing I like about that is that I could work on the website from anywhere - including work, very easily. Anybody had experience with them? I've only used the free version with the adverts.

Anyway when I have time I'm going to try what you suggested, Radgall. Somehow I thought if the website had been done in Frontpage, I would need Frontpage in order to edit it - but maybe not?   

Thanks again for the suggestions guys.