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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
30-Jul-07 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Website Dilemma
Subject: RE: Tech: Website Dilemma
Choices seem to be mostly limited to

1) Vertical learning curve, no matter what SW you end up using :-(

2) Sorcha's suggestion of 'find another sucker' :-)

You COULD pay someone, but that is not a serious suggestion...

Seriously, the problems with all these fancy SW 'Website creator' SW packages, is trying to learn them, their incompatibilites with each other, and their sudden and surprising obselences...

'Straight HTML' is however rapidly coped with by many who DO understand it, doen't 'date', and is really not very difficult to cope with - if ever you used an old style 'non-WYSIWYG' text stytle word processing package (liek Wordstar) that you had to put 'formatting info codes' into to do things like paragraphs, fonts, etc, you have already done identical things to what HTML does.

All those 'fancy bits' (non-HTML extra stuff) that the web writing packages and cgi, asp, etc, do, tend to slow down page loading and bloat the page, making it much more difficult to easily maintain anyway.

The most useful suggestion I can give is to not change any pages that you don't NEED to - and to do any new pages (such as new schedules, etc) in as simnple a matter (which would be straight plain vanilla HTML) - and get the old person to help you set up things thins way, giving you some basic templates you can modify.

I am too personally busy at the moment to help you online, sorry.