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Posted By: Amergin
23-Jul-07 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: HP7 - Opinions? Contains Spoilers
Subject: RE: BS: HP7 - Opinions? Contains Spoilers
Yeah, I would like to know what Harry Potter did after all this...I don't think he became an auror though...I think he had had enough of that crap through the years of fighting Voldemort and his goons...and yes I saw alot of parallels between what was going on in his world and Nazi Germany....and while it owuld be interesting to find out about the Dursleys and Hermione's parents...they really had nothing to do with the book...and so in the end would have been irrelevant...

I think the 19 years later part was to show that every one else got on with their lives and had families of their own....but one thing I don't get is how come if it was 19 years later Teddy is still going to Hogwarts? Shouldn't he have been out of school by that time?