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21-Jul-07 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stuff left out of Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Stuff left out of Harry Potter
Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat, uneasily aware that Professor Snape knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling. Snape surveyed the class and said, "The events of the year preceding the first downfall of he who we do not name led to it being known as the 'Annus horribilis'. Spelled incorrectly with one 'n' instead of two, as Potter and Weasley and no doubt some others have contrived to do, the phrase refers to a potion, better known by its Muggle name of 'vindaloo'. Some of you will by now be well acquainted with its effects."


"B-b-but Professor, I c-c-can't possibly be pregnant", said Cho, sobbing. "It was only a Goblin party I went to."