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Posted By: Azizi
19-Jul-07 - 05:03 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Crocodile crocodile game.
Subject: RE: Folklore: Crocodile crocodile game.
Here's an excerpt of recollection of Jack and Rosa Maddox's recollection of slavery that includes a mention of "Chickama Chickama Craney Crow":

My first real hard work was gathering brush in the fields. Life was pretty hard. There was a cowhide to get you every time you turned your head out of time. They got us up for the fields before day. We used to go to the fields singin' - Chicama - chicama craney - crow Went to the well to wash my toe When I got back all my chickens was gone. It's one o'clock old witch" We had a overseer. He thought three o'clock the time to get up.,%20Jack%20and%20Rosa.html


There are a number of online examples of "What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf". Here's one example from:

"One player is the wolf and he/she will stand with his/her back turned to the others about 5 meters from the others. The others call out, "Whats the time Mr. Wolf" and the wolf turns to face the others and shouts out a time. Eg: 10 o'clock. The others would then take 10 steps toward the wolf. The group will take the same amount of steps toward the wolf as the amount of hours in the wolfs time. eg, 2 o'clock = 2 steps, 6 o'clock = 6 steps etc. etc. The wolf will then turn his back to the group again for them to yell "whats the time...." (He looks at the group only when he shouts the time at the group". When the group gets close to the wolf the next time the group yells "whats the time Mr. Wolf" the wolf will say 'DINNER TIME" and run after the group who are running back to the start line, and hopefully catch one of the group who will then be the wolf. It sounds messy, but when played is an enjoyable game.
Thanks to Lynne (Australia) - Thank you!"

That page has links to "Red Light/Green Light" and "The Wolf And The Easter Eggs" which it cites as similar games.