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Posted By: Mo the caller
19-Jul-07 - 02:27 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Crocodile crocodile game.
Subject: RE: Folklore: Crocodile crocodile game.
In London, in the late 40s / early 50s we did the chasing version
"Please Mr Crocodile may I cross your water?"

"only if you're wearing .."

We also played "May I?" I remember this one from the first year of secondary school, so I was 11 and it was 1954.
I child was "it" and stood by the wall, the others started in a line. Each in turn asked what they could have and "it" gave them any number and sort of steps she chose. The different steps had different names, 'pigeon steps' when the heel starts where the other toe is, '..?..' when you stretch the front foot as far as you can, hops, jumps, something called a mashed potato (anyone remember what, could it have been lie on the ground and where your fingers reach you get to).
I'm not sure what happened when you touched the wall, If you became "it", or if there was a chase?
We also played "whats the time Mr Wolf" and "Creepy creepy" where someone has her back to the wall and the others move nearer,she turns round quickly and anyone she sees moving has to go back to the start.

Some of us were well aware that the games and "dipping" could be unfair, but what could you do about it? At least they were letting you play with them and most children were not spiteful enough to make the discrimination too obvious.