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Posted By: Kim C
11-Apr-00 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
Oh, man. So many. How far back can I go? I was a teenager in the 80s and have very fond memories of Bryan Adams and Duran Duran. Seventeen years later, Bryan is still around.

I used to love Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I loved a guy who loved Stevie Ray Vaughan. (He did not love me back, or so he said.) Anyway one bright sunny day I took him on a beer run and "Trouble is Knockin'" was on the radio. An omen, perhaps, but I didn't listen, and got my heart broke.

Mister was a teenager in the 70s and consequently a big Springsteen fan. The live acoustic version of Thunder Road is sort of "our" song... average guy & average girl, let's hit the road and see what happens. Ten years later we are still seeing. If I get enough beer in him, I can get him to sing it for me.

I said before that Annie Laurie is one of my favorite songs to sing. This song was played by one of the Confederate Army bands just before they charged the Federal lines at Franklin, TN, in 1864 --- a veritable slaughter in which thousands were killed, thanks to a rash decision by a substandard general. I can't sing it without thinking of all those lads, blue and gray, who died there. Also reminds me of Charles Badger Clark's poem, A Bad Half Hour: "Wish that fool would quit a-singin Annie Laurie out on guard."

My favorite song of all-time, though, is the Beatles' In My Life. The older I get, the more it means to me.

Regards -------------- Kim