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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish
11-Jul-07 - 06:00 AM
Thread Name: Is there a 'Childs' songbook
Subject: RE: Is there a 'Childs' songbook
>>>My copy of Hart's Rules, the guide for editors and printers published by Oxford University Press (2005 edition),clearly states that "it is now generally regarded as old-fashioned or sexist to us he in reference to a person of unspecified sex, as in 'every child needs to know that he is loved.' The alternative 'her or she' is often preferred, and in formal contexts is probably the best solution, but can become tiresomely long-winded when used frequently. Use of 'they' in this sense ('everyone needs to feel that they matter') is becoming generally accepted coth in speech and in writing, espeically where it occurs after an indefinite pronoun such as everyone or someone..."<<<

Good Lordy!

I've no problem if people refer to me as 'he'. I know I'm not and I don't regard it as being sexist in the slightest.......and besides...the world's in one HELLUVA aren't there truly more important things to worry about?

We could always call each other 'Its'....then no-one would get upset..

Rolls eyes up to heaven smiley....

We do Elizabethan English in our house...No rules, no upsets. :0)