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Posted By: Tim theTwangler
10-Jul-07 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: Staithes Music weekend
Subject: RE: Staithes Music weekend
I never said any were the best did I?
I was conversing with Carol who was about the only one who actualy showed any interest in going or in getting the thread somewhere near the top 500 in the list of threads on mudcat.
I dont owe anyone any explanations.
I dont usualy enter into debates with anonymouse guests unless I actually know who they are.
And I like to tell those whose music/singing/playing/performance
I have experienced that I have enjoyed it and that is the case with Carol who is a nice person,whom I have met a couple of times, and who sang some great songs.
Carol is a "Proper Singer" because she sings a song with feeling and commitment,in a style that reflects the period and history of the song and unaccompanied.
This seems,from my brief sojourn into the world of the folky to be what is accepted as being a proper singer.
That is my opinion.
If that in some way is threatening to your veiw of the world then I am very sorry.
Its a shame you are not going to contribute further to this thread as one of the few attendees who has bothered to post.
And it would be nice to read one from you that I didnt find insulting,that was about the event,was not toadying up to Tony,or name dropping re who you have played with.
Hopefully we will meet at Staithes and beer will resolve the discord.
My Name is Tim Leaning I am in Grimsby and I say "If you want to hear and play musc among others of the same bent go to Staithes and hav ea really good time.