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Posted By: SharonA
08-Jul-07 - 12:51 AM
Thread Name: Gordon Lightfoot
Subject: RE: Gordon Lightfoot
Oh, all right, Meself and Beer, maybe "hijacked" was a bit too strong a word, but when the conversation turned so quickly from answering Amergin's request for Lightfoot concert stories to Beer's request for Stompin' Tom babysitting stories, I thought it was time for someone to say, "Whoa, let's get back on track here."

What have I to say about Gordon Lightfoot? Well, I absolutely agree that he is a Great singer/songwriter (the capital G is intentional!), I love his songs and have learned to play several of them, and I highly respect and admire his talent and his fortitude. But I hadn't contributed information to this particular thread because I don't have any information that pertains to Amergin's question. I came here to read what others have to say about Lightfoot's recent shows.

I have seen him in concert only once, and that was back in 1993. It was in a theater in Valley Forge, PA (USA) that was a sort of colosseum with a rotating stage. The advantage was that no one was sitting too far away from him, but the disadvantage was that half the time you were looking at his back. Of course he put on a fine performance -- very smooth, very laid-back, very charming -- but I don't think he made as much of a connection with the audience as he might have were it not for the moving stage! That venue has since closed down.

This thread has prompted me to look up his tour schedule, and alas I see that he was already in the area earlier this year. I'll have to wait and hope he makes it back here again someday... when I have a job that will allow me to afford those ticket prices!!!