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Posted By: GUEST,periko
01-Jul-07 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: meaning - musha ring dumma do dumma da
Subject: RE: meaning - musha ring dumma do dumma da
i've been wondering what that might mean eversince i heard the thin lizzy version in '73. (had not heard any other versions then) it has been a conversation piece for many years, because ev'rytime that song popped up in my head (which was at least three times a week for about 25 years) i asked whoever was around if they knew what it meant. i think that, just because mr lynott sings it as if it were quite a message, i couldn't stand the fact that i didn't know what he was singing, and nobody else seemed to know either.
a collegue of mine put on the lizzy vesion the other day, and again i started asking all my collegues and customers (mind you: musicbizz that is) and still not a clue. so finally i decided to check google which brought me here. i couldn't believe my eyes! this thing that had become sort of a running gag/obsession in my life, of which i assumed i would be the only freak in the world even bothering, this tiny little big triviality was keeping people busy always & everywhere! bless you all!
but still: i dunno! i like "m'uishe rinne me don amadan" best, but maybe you 'd like to know what i made of it, being a 13-year old dutch kid, after two years of english lessons...
my first interpretation was: "but i ain't gonna do some like that" (which has already quite a lot of possible meanings fitting in the context) but later i thought i heard: "but i ain't gonna do some mother" (maybe even better fitting in the context, and what about mr lynott's personal life being dragged into the chorus?)
"whack! fall the daddy-o" always seemed obvious to me, because he escapes jail after smacking up his warden (if i remember correctly)
finally; "there's whiskey in the jar" was obvious as well, because we have a proverb in holland which says "all is in jugs and jars"; meaning everything is fixed properly.
(and i haven't told you my interpretation as a 10-year old of "crazy horses" yet!) but....
actually i am really glad that there is no official answer to my question, because i'd really miss my obsession.

god by you all (or was it "good be you"?)