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Posted By: catspaw49
08-Apr-00 - 07:53 PM
Thread Name: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
Its too broad a thread Caits......and the older you get the worse it becomes.

"Bob Dylan's Dream" speaks so accurately and beautifully to college in the 60's; to my friends of protest; to a night atop Clingman's Dome with close friends, and listening together quietly to the Spring snowmelt as the dawn broke........Geeziz, I'm sitting here crying now. I can't sing this one anymore.

Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" came home to me as I spent every night on the road after the birth of my first son. It made me look at myself in the mirror in a motel room...3-piece suit, short hair, wing tips....and I suddenly ask myself, "What the hell happened to ME?" I called Karen and then placed another call to corporate headquarters and told them I was beginning my last 3 weeks on the job.

"The Rose".....I didn't meet Karen til I was 36 years old. I wasn't looking to get married and our meeting was an absolute fluke that I now recognize as fate. It was to this song that we got married on the square in Marietta, Georgia. Like the words, we had both weathered much and now were ready to bloom together.....and she most certainly is my rose.

Someone mentioned Donovan's "Catch the Wind" which I voted for on another thread as the best Love Song. I have been truly in love three times in my life and that song has always been there. " the warm hold of your loving vine".. Isn't that the feeling we get when the passion of love is within us?

On that same thread, Sandy Paton voted for "Maggie" ("When You and I Were Young"). The older I become, the stronger my love for Karen grows. And age with a wonderful relationship has brought this beautiful old song close to my heart........
And now we are aged and gray, Maggie;
The trials of life nearly done.
But to me you're as fair as you were, Maggie,
When you and I were young.

Last year when I almost "checked out".....I received a lot of wonderful music along with the warm thoughts and prayers of so many here at Mudcat. After coming out of the coma, I was able to read the thread printouts Karen brought to me. That same Sandy Paton sent a Golden Ring Reunion CD, "For All the Good People".. and it was the first one I played. A tremendous album (buy it folks) and I listened to them and allowed them to put me to sleep when the painkillers didn't cut it. The first song on the album is "Singer's Request" and when I hear it now it brings back that time and the love which Karen and I received from Mudcat, from wonderful people in this wonderful place........
"Dark the night and long till day; Do not bid us further stray."