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Posted By: EuGene
28-Jun-07 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: Folk music parts for concert band
Subject: RE: Folk music parts for concert band
Leeneia: I often don't express my thoughts well, but I certainly didn't in any means intend to give the impression that I was using my age as an excuse for not learning anything. In fact the exact opposite is what I was meaning when I suggested teaching this old dog new tricks (to use a worn out old expression, tongue in cheek). The reason the age factor was worth noting is that I spent many years sitting on the sidelines while computer technology raced ahead (and continues to race on), and the dust I figuratively saw, was the fog of not understanding what is going on in that rapid moving race of technology due to my lack of knowledge and experience.

So this writer, who happens to be 60, is (figuratively speaking) sitting in a parked car beside the track and wanting to get into that race with those 200 mph dudes that are roaring by. Just like in a race, I gotta start up my car (those 200,000,000 brain cells), pull out onto the track, and get my speed up to 300 mph, or something really fast, to be able to catch up to to those folks.

Being 60 could conceivably cause me a problem in being competitive with the kids in a street basketball game, but it certainly has never occurred to me that it would be an impediment to learning, rather it is indicative of how many years I have let slip by while I elected to stay out of the race.

Hopefully I have clarified things a bit . . . if I have further muddied the water, then it does not indicate that I'm losing it at 60, but more likely that I didn't learn to express myself well at 20, and am still paying for it 40 years later.