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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
28-Jun-07 - 10:47 AM
Thread Name: Folk music parts for concert band
Subject: RE: Folk music parts for concert band
Well, Eugene, if you don't even own a computer at home, I can see where downloading and editing MIDI's would not work.

Perhaps someone else associated with the band would be interested, someone retired, perhaps. I just had a talk with my sister-in-law, who shared some thoughts on retirement. To keep a husband from following his wife around all day, spying on her every move, and issuing constant corrections, one should

a. live in the biggest hour one can afford
b. buy him a puppy
c. get him a time-consuming hobby.

Downloading and editing music for a 25-member band sounds like a good hobby for such a couple. Show my post (above) to the band leader and see if he can think of anybody.
Re "Luddite" I don't have time for mp3's and hand-held gizmos either. In fact, I just went to Radio Shack and amused the staff by buying a little tape recorder. (I use it on airplanes and on wakeful, jet-lagged nights.)

However, do not use being 60 as a reason for not learning new things. Your brain has 200,000,000 brain cells capable of making aobut a trillion connections. The chemistry is still there, ready to work. You have the advantage over a kid that you memorize better. A lot of computer operation is based on memorizing.

I had a friend who had a stroke at 76 and continued to use her computer in the nursing home.