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Posted By: EuGene
27-Jun-07 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: Folk music parts for concert band
Subject: RE: Folk music parts for concert band
Leenia: Ah, but the technological Luddite that I am means I've got a long way to go to . . . I still have to work my way through the last quarter of the 20th century before I can join this one.

My first computer was an Altair 8800 (circa 1974) back when the smallest IBM (then it was called a "mini" computer) was about the size of a spinet piano . . . no memory in those days, so programs were processed in realtime as they were entered via punched paper tape (or the teletype machine which was used as a keyboard). Made it as far as that marvel of computer capability and complexity, the "PC-XT --- with Turbo!" and could even do graphics using pixels consisting of X, O, I, ., *, etc. But by that time technology was running away from me so I lost interest (threw in the towel, some might say) and dropped out of computers completely.

Then about 20-something years later - about 2 years ago - at work I was issued a computer with Windows, mouse, CD drives, internet, eBay, etc. Man, I was like a kid in a candy store with daddy's credit card in my sticky leetle paws.

Now, having said all that, what's the point? Well, I still have a lot to learn to catch up with the average first grader when it comes to computers. I know there is all sorts of stuff floating around like MIDI, downloading music, Lili Pond, Finale, MP3, etc. ad infinitum . . . unfortunately, at this stage of my woebegotten existence, I don't understand any of it.

Yes, the computer Luddite, at 60, is an old dog who has much to learn, and learn he must, because at this point in time he is on the sidelines trying to figure what's happening as the racers roar by at 200 mph! All I can see is dust.

. . . and this fool is looking for music?   Eu