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Posted By: Greg B
27-Jun-07 - 06:18 PM
Thread Name: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
Subject: RE: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
Big Mick, I suspect we may not disagree on the solution nearly so
much as you might think.

It's in the young people.

In the Republic, they seem finally to have shaken off the stranglehold
the Church of Rome has so long held on their identity. The youth of
the North must do the same, whether Protestant or Catholic.

In the Republic, an unprecedented effectiveness and affluence has
taken hold, simultaneous with the forgoing.

I don't think it's a coincidence at all.

The young Ulster-folk need to look south, say 'we want some of
that' and decide that their fathers' and grandfathers' grievances
are evidences of their fathers' and grandfathers' shortcomings,
which they aren't required to inherit.

I wonder if Gerry and Ian haven't come into their proper youth
in their respective dotages. Let's hope so.

And to get back to the theme, once THAT happens then either side
can sing the 'Troubles' songs of the other, if they still want to
or feel the need.