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Posted By: Big Mick
27-Jun-07 - 07:54 AM
Thread Name: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
Subject: RE: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
Stig ....... thanks for your comments. I guess I should make it very clear that my comments are directed at those that were responsible for the policies. These are the people that tried to control what you learned or heard over there. Now that it is coming to light, they are not being seen in a good light. I know I get passionate, but I am deeply troubled by apologists for this stuff. Just as I am troubled and angry by those that try and whitewash the activities of Bush/Cheney in my own country.

I want to make one thing very clear. The British folks I have met, many of them English, are among the best of the Mudcat, and have become my friends. Valued and cherished friends. While I am passionate about what I think should happen and who I think is responsible in the land of my grandparents, I mean no personal attack on the average English person. Those that I have met are wonderful, and I am anxious to get over to England and meet many more. If those that are my friends now are any example, then I will have many more friends when I do.

As to these songs, some of them are just damn fine songs. There are a many I won't sing because they seem to celebrate war instead of the struggle.

Thanks for reminding of some things I need to keep in mind, Stig. The pints are on me when we meet.