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Posted By: Stu
27-Jun-07 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
Subject: RE: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
"I do believe that most English are largely ignorant of the facts"

I would say that was a complete understatement - add the Welsh and Scottish to that list too (it was a British Army occupation). The real problem is the media has never given a truly balanced view of the situation in the North, and there was zero education in school when I was growing up in the 1970's to place any of the events that were occuring at the time in any sort of context.

This reassesment has been far too long coming, and I believe the process is starting now. Films such as 'The Wind That Shakes The Barley' are welcome because they stimulate debate and present a side of the story many people have never seen (btw, did Paxman really call Loach a traitor on Newsnight? If he did, what a twat). I sincerely hope one day we might see trials in the Hague for those in the British Establishment who colluded with loyalist paramilitaries in murder - they can serve their time in the same cell as the maggot who planted the Omagh bomb.

While I understand your belligerence Big Mick, it doesn't reflect how many in the UK and the Republic feel about the situation in the North. Most people on these islands are weary of the fighting and now only want peace - remember the troubles had effected every man, woman and child in all the nations of the Isles and these are difficult memories to erase.

The antagonists you talk about harassing school kids are a bunch of contemptible miscreants, but they are a minority even in their own community. I suppose the good thing is Mick, if you come over here you're likely to be welcomed in may places to sing your songs - Irish pubs here are places of enjoyment and music rather than a place of overt political comment which might explain why some people might be offended by an American singing songs about events 3000 miles away when these people may have lived through the troubles every day.

Sing your songs (heck - I love them and sing them too) - but perhaps try to be a little more conciliatory to those who don't share your viewpoint. It'll more accurately reflect many of the hopes of the people of the North, a new spirit of optimism than reinforcing old divides.