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Posted By: Greg B
26-Jun-07 - 03:16 PM
Thread Name: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
Subject: RE: Which Irish Troubles Songs are Offensive
You put your finger on it, Mick, when you said 'native peoples.'

The Battle of the Boyne was in 1690.

Now, I've heard a couple of Irish singers who I think were probably
around back then, and qualify as 'native peoples.' But not
many others.

I happen to live on a piece of land that was stolen from the 'native
peoples' of Pennsylvania in 1737, via the 'Walking Purchase' (look
it up).

But if a Lenape Indian comes and knocks on my door and demands his
land back, I'm just as likely to point out that I bought this place
from a lady named Anne R. just about two years ago, and she bought
it in 1975 from a real estate developer, who bought it from a farmer
a couple of years before that.

It's rather hard for someone living on stolen land, 300-odd years
later, to rationalize the idea that we need to yield our way of life
to the descendants of someone whom our ancestors conquered three
centuries ago.

And, well, I guess the joke's on Britain, for 'the shipyard slips
are lying empty' but the problem remains.