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Posted By: Metchosin
07-Apr-00 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: Only in Canada eh? Pity!
Subject: RE: Only in Canada eh? Pity!
Sorry I din't explain what SOCAN was people, I haven't been able to get back online since last night. Thanks for the link Sophocleese.

MMario, it would seem to me that the regulations you defined are a least a bit more reasonable. I have no idea how large a store this is, but it didn't sound like a major retailor from the interview that was broadcast.

It did sound a bit like going after a gnat with a sledge hammer or perhaps a better analogy might be, a humming bird, as I do believe that Canadian musicians need the exposure in their own country.

Apparently the shop owner is requesting that SOCAN give her a list of other shops, from whom they have demanded fees, to determine if she is the only retailer in the area that has been singled out. She was doing that with some trepidation, as she felt that other owner's would not be pleased that their practices, regarding in-store music, might come to light.