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Posted By: Eluned
07-Apr-00 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: Only in Canada eh? Pity!
Subject: RE: Only in Canada eh? Pity!
So, let me get this right. Socan is a kind of guild for performing musicians, in Canada. Whether you agree to it or not, and even if you're not canadian (I read their rules), anything broadcast or played by any commercial enterprise in Canada is subject to a kind of tax, which will then supposedly be paid to you. You can't just let someone, or ask someone to, broadcast or play your music, they'll fine the business anyway???!!! How do you advertise then???!!! Don't they know how many people have gone out and bought tapes and CD's because they 'heard it somewhere and liked it'??!! Geez, and I thought American Beaurocracy had it bad!! (No crit on Canadians, I just thought we were worse!)