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Posted By: MK
05-Apr-00 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: What does 'dueling' instruments mean?
Subject: RE: What does 'dueling' instruments mean?
(Folkies forgive me, gonna take this idea and temporarily move it into a jazz application, to further illustrate the concept.)

Another variation of the ''duelling'' concept, in the jazz realm, is what's known in music circles as ''trading 4's'' or trading 8's'' or any number of designated ''trading bars'' (with the 4 or the 8 being the number of bars for each instrument to solo over)

....which means if for example you're playing a variation on a blues progression or even a jazz standard, depending on the number of musicians in the band (in this case we'll use a quartet with drums, piano, standup bass, and guitar)

...usually (but not always) when this approach is used in the concept of jazz, say playing over a standard swing tune, after the ''head'' (entire melody of the tune played all the way through once or twice) is performed, followed by each lead instrument (in this case guitar and piano) soloing over the head.

Before returing to playing the head and ending the tune, it is common to ''trade 4s'' when you finish the solos, the trading of 4s could start at the top of the head with the piano doing 4 soloing bars; immediately followed by the guitar doing the same; then the bass; then the drums; and just keeping this revolving circle going till you've completed one pass all the way thru the head ---then the entire tune with the melody is once again played and the song ended.

Sorry for the cryptic explanation, but I think you understand what I'm trying to explain. This just takes the duelling idea to the next level, where more than two instruments can be involved.