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Posted By: wysiwyg
12-May-07 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hockey's back...Are ya happy about it?
Subject: RE: BS: Hockey's back...Are ya happy about it?
Since we discussed streaming radio games somewhere upthread, I thought I'd put these tips here.



Here's how my husband and I enjoy radio games.

1. We really like our "local" team's play caller. He's GOOD. We stream the game on the PC and use Total Recorder-- a nifty, almost freeware program-- to record it as it comes in, which makes that game [I]portable.[/I] So we'll have summer hockey reruns to get us through the post-Stanley Cup withdrawal, long drives for vacay travel, etc. Some of these are games we recorded without listening to them at the time they were playesd, and therefore we have no idea how they turned out.

2. We make the radio calls more "real" for the half-dozen or so teams we halfway follow, like this:

Say my husband will take the home team of the day's game, and I'll take the visitor. We each have a roster printout and we sit in adjoining recliners. He's in his goalie's end for periods 1 & 3 and we can follow the game SO much better because we're each only trying to suss out [I]one[/I] set of players' names in the call, and we can visualize "our" team heading into the other team's zone to score on their ass because the call includes left/right orientation, relative to the offensive team's wing setup.

3. We have mock fights. "You almost scored on my ass, I'm gonna have to kill ya now," for instance, can get pretty hilarious as we playfully try to smack each other, grab and squirt water bottles, sword fight with folded rosters, etc. (The dog gets pretty upset.)

We don't trade chairs for the second-- we each have our chairs pretty well broken-in for custom fit. We just trade rosters. As a result we know quite a bit about quite a few players. By the end of a game we have each got two team's guys fairly well fixed in our minds-- IF it's a good play-by-play caller.

4. We keep a cheap binder chairside, with rosters and broadcast schedules. By the second or third time we've heard a team play, we don't need the rosters anymore after a quick pre-game scan to remind ourselves of their setup.

5. If we're so much in hockey withdrawal this summer that we fire up a game in our camper on a rainy vacay day, it's only going to be a matter of time before the mini-sticks come out, because the only comfy place to sit in there is facing each other, at the small table. I suppose we could curl up in our bunk, but..... well never mind, I won't say. :~)