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Posted By: PoppaGator
03-May-07 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: Paul Brady's version of Arthur McBride
Subject: RE: Paul Brady's version of Arthur McBride

The DVD "Out of Ireland: From a Whisper to a Scream" has footage from every decade since the 50s, or maybe even the 40s, but I understand what you mean about "the 60s not happening until the 70s" in Ireland. Even in much of America, between the east and west coasts, many of us felt that our local communities were a couple of years behind the times, if not a full decade.

Some of the material in the video, such Van Morrison as a member of Them and also at the time of such early solo efforts as "Astral Weeks," really does predate 1970.


I can't find an earlier reference in this thread to a video called "Echoes and Extracts," but I'll try to look it up and, if readily available, watch it.

(Perhaps in deference to Brady's version of this lyric, I should address you as "LWD" [;^)].)


Incidentally, since the last time this thread popped up, we bought a copy of "Whisper to a Scream." And we very rarely buy DVDs ~ never movies (which rarely merit re-watching) and only rarely music. Well, we do own "The Last Waltz," which came out as a theatrical film, but it's a movie of a concert...