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Posted By: John in Brisbane
01-Feb-98 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the homeless
Subject: RE: Songs about the homeless
'Homeless Man' is a very relevant song to this thread. Written circa 1960's by Harry Robinson, it tells the story of homelessness during the Great Depression. I used to sing it 20 odd years ago but have largely forgotten it. Perhaps some other Australians know of it.

Some snippets:

For we've travelled hard these last ten weary years, And my lonely ... have slowly turned to tears, If you think that I'm complaining I can tell you that I'm not, For I know that this is just the drifter's lot.

Many years my home has been the roadside camps, I have starved and sweated on the river banks, And I've fought with fist and feet rough-neck drifters that I meet ....

Regards John

PS I know that it was published in the Australian version of 'Tradition'.