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Posted By: pirandello
18-Apr-07 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: Wanted: Gibson J-45 or J-50
Subject: RE: Wanted: Gibson J-45 or J-50
What I find hard to understand is Gibson's policy of not allowing online advertising.
I may be completely insane but surely the more exposure a product gets the more likely it's ging to be seen by more people resulting in more sales?
I can't see how Gibson's restrictive policies are helping them achieve more sales if the retail outlets are becoming so limited.
Taylor recently reversed the 'no internet' ruling; perhaps they had a commercial reason.
Martin's problem is that they need to get their advertising to appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers; their ads are so old-timey and traditional-looking that you can see that they're aiming at baby boomers. Baby boomers are getting older...
But, yes, competition is no tougher than it ever was and the quality of Pac-rim built instruments is getting very, very good.
US manufacturers have no answer to this on pricing and wages; the only alternative is to move manufacture off-shore, use cheap labour and kill a tradition of excellence and a cultural heritage.
Anyhow, I still love my Gibsons and I won't have an Asian-built guitar in the house; not for reasons of quality or cost but purely tradition.

Now, regarding the '56 J45. Be aware that this was the year an adjustable bridge was offered as an option for the first time. They don't help much in the tone department so if it has one I'd think twice.
The '56 will also have the large pickguard, same as that found on the J185.
And, as always, especially with something as venerable as a 50 year old acoustic check it over very carefully-especially the neck set.