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17-Apr-07 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: Hedge and Donna - Where are they now ?
Subject: RE: Hedge and Donna - Where are they now ?
I found this thread because I, too, am one of those who still dreams of H&D music. I have several badly treated vinyls... would love to get the music on CD!

Hippups - I'd love transferred music until someone finally sees the light and reissues a CD collection.

Hedges Capers, Sr. was actually a quite famous humanist psychologist in the Transactional Analysis field. La Jolla was ground zero for this movement.

From the bio, it sounds like Hedges, Jr. followed in dad's footsteps. Those of us who were part of the humanist psychology movement of the 70's aren't surprised by the description of his behaviors by the GUEST above - not saying the description is true or accurate.

But many of the people in the movement felt that sexual repression was a core source of mental/emotional disfunction - and that the answer to unhealthy dependency was sexual freedom and freedom from jealousy ala'the popular book, Open Marriage.

The experiementation that followed often ended badly - the authors of that famous book later divorced - and many therapists were guilty of crossing what are now clearly defined ethical boundaries. Fritz Perls was a brilliant therapist, the pivotal character in Gestalt therapy, but his "therapy" sessions in hot tubs are legendary. Trance therapy and sexual promiscuity would not have been seen as oddities in this milieu... they would actually have been seen as positives.

I hope Hedges Jr. is one of those that survived the craziness, learned from it, and established a healthy life full of real commitment. I also hope Donna found happiness.

As is the case with one of my other favorite duos from the same era, Ian & Sylvia, I'm sorry about the difficulty of the relationship but that doesn't take away from the beauty of the art they created together.