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Posted By: Azizi
15-Apr-07 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Gigalo & other children's rhymes &cheers
Subject: RE: Gigalo & other children's rhymes &cheers
Thanks Jeanie for that example. And also thanks for the demographic information. I'm also very interested in how these rhymes are so eager to be performed by children that they jump over mountains, run across deserts, and swim the deepest oceans. The ways the words change in the process is also fascinating to me.

Do I understand you correctly that Jackalo is performed as a partner handclap rhyme? I'm curious, do the girls stay still {except for the hand movements} while doing this rhyme?


mg, thank you also for your comment. I have been thinking of the meaning of the word "Gigalo" in the context of this rhyme. I've asked girls I have observed performing this rhyme what "Gigalo" means. They say that they don't know. They say "It's just a word" or "It's how I learned it {from other girls}". I've noticed that for some reason, children aren't interested in etymology. The rhythm and the beat of rhymes are far more important than the words.

I'll post information on the meaning of the word "gigalo" in my next post.fromSee my next post for my theories on some information