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Posted By: Azizi
15-Apr-07 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: Gigalo & other children's rhymes &cheers
Subject: RE: Gigalo & other children's rhymes &cheers
Here are three more examples of "Gigalo"

GIGALO {Version #3}
Gigolo, gig, Gigolo
My head is high, my feet is low and this the way I gigolo

-Tanya T, email to, 2002; Tanya wrote "I was raised in Crawfordville, GA; I'm 28. I played this games/songs around 1979 -1987 from about age 5 to 13


GIG-OLO-O {Version #4}
I have one, my cousin told me and she is only 7...

down down baby i can do karate
down down baby i can call my boyfriend
down down baby oops i did it again

my hands up high
my feet down low
thats the way i gigilo
-posted by K ;June 25, 2005


JIGALOW {Version #5 of Gigalo}
my friend taught me this. my hands up high my knees down low but this the way i jigalow the sky is blue the grass is green and this the way I do my thing your daddy cook your momma bake but this the way my booty shake
-No name; ; 2/15/2007