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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Apr-07 - 01:53 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Missing from online Aussie dictionary:
Subject: RE: Folklore: Missing from online Aussie dictionar
Foolestroupe sent me htis link, a page no longer available at I have no idea as to the folkloric authenticity of these words. If a real, genuine Australia person wants to take over editing duties for the Aussie Glossary, contact me by personal message.
-Joe Offer-
Anyhow, here is the list on the page Foolestroupe pointed out:

Australian Slang

Slang Explanation
Ace Excellent, fantastic, very good.
Aerial pingpong Australian Rules Football.
Amber fluid Beer.
Ankle biter Child, young person.
Arvo Afternoon.
Aussie Australian.
Aussie salute Brushing the flies away from ones face.
B&S Bachelors' & Spinsters' Ball
Back of Bourke A remote inland area a great distance from the speaker.
Backblocks The back section of a sheep or cattle station.
Banana bender Queenslander.
Barbie Barbecue.
Beyond the black stump A long way away, a remote location.
Big bikkies A lot of money, very expensive.
Bikkie Biscuit.
Billabong An Aboriginal word for a water-hole that dries up or becomes isolated from its river in times of low rainfall.
Billy A Cylindrical metal container used for boiling water or tea.
Bloke Man.
Bloody Very.
Bloody oath Thatís the truth, in agreement.
Blowie Blowfly.
Bludge (1) To be lazy.
Bludge (2) Borrow.
Blue (1) Fight.
Blue (2) Mistake.
Blue (3) Nickname for redhead.
Blue Heeler Breed of Australian cattle dog.
Bodgy Poor quality, or incorrectly done.
Brekkie Breakfast.
Brizzie Brisbane - The capital city of Queensland, Australia.
Brumby A wild Australian horse.
Buckley's Next to no chance at all (You've got buckley's)
Bulldust The deep, fine dust of the Outback roads.
Bullocky Bullock dray driver.
Bundy Bundaberg Rum.
Bunyip Mythical creature known to inhabit billabongs and waterholes.
Bush telly Fire.
Bush Tucker Food derived from the surrounding bush countryside (berries, roots, small animals etc.).
Bush, The The untamed scrub, woods, forests of rural Australia in its natural state, also refers to rural Australia in general.
Bushed Tired, or lost (in the bush).
Bushie Person who lives in rural Australia.
Camp oven A cast iron container with lid used for campfire cooking, hot coals are placed over and around it.
Chooks Chickens.
Cobber Endearing term used for friends and aquaintances.
Cockatoo, Cocky White, created parrot, also a small scale farmer, particularly in Queensland.
Cocky's Joy Golden syrup.
Cossies Swimming costume/bathers/swimmers.
Crikey Wow - used as an exclamation point in conversation.
Crook Dishonest person, no good, sick, bad, difficult ("feel crook", "crook weather", "crook job").
Dacks Pants.
Damper Bread made from flour and water, unleavened, usually cooked in a camp oven.
Darwin Stubby Famed bottle of beer from the Northern Territory.
Diggers Australian armed services personnel.
Dingo Australian native dog, tawny-yellow in colour.
Dingo's breakfast A yawn, stretch and look around.
Dinkum For real, true, honest, genuine.
Dob In Inform on someone, contribute money, nominate someone for a task.
Dog's Breakfast A mess.
Dray Wagon or cart pulled by horses or bullocks.
Driza Driza-Bone oilskin coat.
Dry, The The 7-8 months of the year in Northern Australia when it doesn't rail.
Duffers Cattle duffers, sheep duffers - cattle thieves, sheep thieves.
Dunny Toilet.
El Nino A cylindrical oceanic event which can have a significant influence on drought conditions in Australia.Its cycle tends southwards every 2 to 7 years.
Fair Dinkum True, genuine.
Falcon Hit on the head by a ball (sporting coll.).
Galah Grey and pink parrot, foolish person.
Jackaroo Station hand, usually trainee manager often the son of another landowner sent to work on other properties to learn different methods, soils, breeds, etc.
Jillaroo Female version of the jackaroo.
Kelpie Breed of Australian sheep dog.
Kiwis New Zealanders.
Long Paddock, The The grasses verge alongside roads and stockroutes, used for grazing in times of drought.
Mate Good friend, used more casually in conversation to refer to an associate.
Moleskins Cotton trousers designed for comfort and minimal abrasion in the saddle, they have a brushed finish echoing the softness of moles fur.
Mossie Mosquito.
Never-Never Remote isolated region of the outback.
O.P. Overproof (as in O.P.Bundy)
Outback Remote, sparsely populated area of inland Australia.
Ozzie Australian.
Paddock Field, pasture or fenced range.
Pastoralist Owner of a large property used for grazing and crops.
Scrub An area covered in bush, trees, shrubs.
Scrubbers Cattle mustered from the scrub which are unused to man and mustering.
Shanks's Pony On foot.
Squatter Originally farmers who settled on Crown land, now refers usually to sheep station owners.
Stacks Many, lots.
Station Farm, ranch.Usually large sheep or cattle properties.
Stockman Person employed to tend livestock.
Stroppy Difficult, complaining.
Struth Wow - used as an exclamation point in conversation.
Stubbies Shorts.
Stubby 375ml bottle of beer.
Swaggie A man who travels the country on foot, and carries his belongings in a swag or bluey.
Swagman A man who travels the country on foot, and carries his belongings in a swag or bluey.
Tallie 750ml bottle of beer.
Tin Scratcher A small time prospector.
Tinnie Can of beer.
Top End The northern end of the Northern Territory of Australia.
Underground Mutton Rabbit.
Ute Utility motor car built like a small open backed truck and treated accordingly.
Wet, The The rainy season, particularly the monsoonal or sub-monsoonal rains in Northern Australia (December to March)
White maggot An umpire in Australian Rules Football.