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Posted By: JohnInKansas
16-Mar-07 - 09:28 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat codes
Subject: RE: Mudcat codes
But esp. for the newcomers, please note that mudcat is different than a lot of other sites where information(?) is exchanged.

At mudcat (and almost exclusively at mudcat) it is possible, and recommended, that one may use complete sentences, spell words out so meanings are clear, and it is permissible to type with your


You are not limited to using your two (or more) thumbs - although what some us of produce might look like it.

The freedom to have, and at least to attempt to express, IDEAS, THOUGHTS, and INFORMED OPINIONS is an exclusive and proprietary property of mudcat, unknown at most other websites1.

There is some variation in usage among our group, but for the most part acronyms, abbreviations, and codes are not necessary here, and for the most part we are not forced to rely on them to express ourselves. They seldom appear where it's NECESSARY to know what they mean, although mostly, when used, they're as used elsewhere on the web.

1 based on survey results I made up fresh just this morning.