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Posted By: Midchuck
16-Mar-07 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Songs about Singers
Subject: Lyr Add: THE DEATH OF JIMMY MARTIN (Tom Russell)
"The Death of Jimmy Martin," by Tom Russell:

(Melody is more or less "Rocky Top.")

There's a hound dog runnin' all alone through the piney woods,
The howling scares the soul out of me.
There's a Jay bird singing up a funeral dirge,
In ragtime harmony.
Barb'ry Allen rolled over in her grave all morning,
There were roses growing out of her head.
Well, God's gonna burn down Nashville tonight.
Jimmy Martin's dead.
The great Jimmy Martin's gone dead.

You got twenty-twenty vision but you're walkin' 'round blind,
You Grand Ole Opry fools.
With your hypocritic judgments and your self-righteous snobbery
And your God damn false-hearted rules.

You scorned Hank Williams and you shunned Jimmy Martin,
Boys who sang with tongues on fire.
Well, God's gonna burn down your Grand Ole Opry,
Hear the screaming of the hypocrites and liars.
They feel safer now that Jimmy has expired....

Run, Pete run, your master's callin' you.
He's waitin on up ahead.
But don't look back, 'cause Nashville's burning down
Jimmy Martin's dead.
The great Jimmy Martin's gone dead.