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Posted By: Richard Bridge
02-Mar-07 - 01:53 PM
Thread Name: Walden or Larivee Guitar? Which iBetter?
Subject: RE: Walden or Larivee Guitar? Which iBetter?
Well, spaw, if you could read, which it often seems you can't, and if you'd seen the label in the instrument, which you haven't, you might not be talking from a position of total ignorance (which would then probaby be the first time in a lifetime) and you'd know that the label said that there was a lifetime guarantee in favour of the first retail purchaser, with no mention of the nationality or jurisdiction.

And in that context it would be right to include the rest of the world, unlike so many of the other respects in which neo-colonialist redneck imperialists like you (the type of person who make me so glad that I am not an American in America) seem to assume that what goes in the USA (unlike, usually, Detroit cars or US software, most of which spend less time working than not working, in that respect like Detroit workers these days) also goes elsewhere.

So stick your head up your arse and breathe deep. Keep your flatulence, literally and figuratively, to yourself. The world will then smell a little better for the rest of us.