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Posted By: wilco
01-Mar-07 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: Walden or Larivee Guitar? Which iBetter?
Subject: RE: Walden or Larivee Guitar? Which iBetter?
Catspaw49 asked way I'm replacing Blueridge.
SAGA Instruments, which has Blueridge, Kentucky Mandos, Goldstar Banjos, regal Dobros, etc., has seperated the Blueridge guitars from their product line. You have to apply seperately to be a Blueridge dealer, and order twelve more guitars. This would be fine, but Blueridge undesells their independent dealers through places like Elderly and all the intenet dealers. SAGA has developed a bad name among the independents, and many of us don't want to deal with SAGA anymore. On many many occasions, I've had people come into my store, play all the Blueridge guitars, pick-out the model they want, leave without buying anything, and then buying it from a net dealer, with no overhead. Also, SAGA would sell to places like Elderly cheaper than to the independents, and you would find that Elderly was selling it for what you paid for it!!!!