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24-Feb-07 - 04:26 AM
Thread Name: Hedge and Donna - Where are they now ?
Subject: RE: Hedge and Donna - Where are they now ?
Okay, When I was sharing a house on Ridpath in Laurel Canyon, with Paul Rothchild and Fritz Richmond,who was dating Linda Ronstadt. Hedge and Donna lived up behind us. We could hear them fighting a lot. They had a son together.   Many years later I somehow/somewhere met Hedge and we began to write together. I think I may have looked him up in the phone book. I am a lyricist.

This was around 1976-1978. Hedge was living on Stnaley Hills Drive off Lookout Mountain. We were dating, but everytime I took him anywhere he would collect the phone numbers of any attractive female in the room and I'd find them just leaving his home when i'd show up to work with him on a songthe next day. He was doing trance therapy on the side, and for some reason I believe he had a contract with A&M records as a staff writer.

I tracked him down in the 80s looking for a copy of a song we had worked on together. He had jsut left a very bad marriage ( from his ex wife's point of view) They were living in Santa Monica and he had a couple of kids with her.

After he left her he moved to La Jolla to work in Trance Therapy which he had been doing previously with his father (also named Hedges Capers)

He married a woman named Nancy Locke aka Nancy Hauser who was previously married to Wings Hauser. ( divorced 1999)

They presently live in La Jolla California.

I believe I have 3 Hedge and Donna vinyls I know I have the one with Lace Child on it and Can You Hear Me.

Their albums include:
Hedge & Donna (1960) -
Evolution (1960) -
Hedge & Donna 2
All the Friendly Colours (1969)
Special Circumstances (1970)

I would love to have an MP3 and can make my vinyls available here in So. Cal for someone to transfer them to an cds.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John