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Posted By: dwditty
20-Feb-07 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: Field Recording... Yourself
Subject: RE: Field Recording... Yourself
A simple MP3 player is they way to go, in my opinion. The CReative Noamd 3 is still pretty much regarded as the king of such devices. It has been out of production for a while, but you can still find it on ebay - I got mine from Creative's ebay store - all refurbed and boxed up - and 30 or 60 days of free phone support. Here is why I like it:

-It comes in 20GB and 40 GB versions (I have 20 and have never come close to using it up)
-It has line input, which means you can record right off the board at most venues. If they have a sound guy, they will be very familiar with the JB3, as it is referred to in the vernacular. It will also support condensor mics, should you choose.
-It records in WAV (as well as MP3) formats. WAV is cd quality. And it will record up to 9 hours in WAV format...ouch, my fingers get tired just thinking about that.
-It connects via USB(2) to the pc for simply loading into an editing program where you can break the show into tracks.
-I see these in the $100-$150 range.

Most new MP3 players have been designed to prevent piracy, so the limit the amount of storage or eliminate the line-in, for example.

While you will probably not get production quality audio out of all this, you will get nice clean recordings to help you as SUsan has described above or simply to get real honest feedback for how your performances are going!

I also use it as a way to teach a song to others I want to play with. I simply record an MP3 file of my breaking down a song...explaining just what I am doing and email it with a sheet of lyrics and chords attached. Very quick and easy, and I have had great success, usually playing the song with others for the first time live at the gig.