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Posted By: open mike
20-Feb-07 - 01:00 PM
Thread Name: Field Recording... Yourself
Subject: RE: Field Recording... Yourself
I use a marantz c.d. recorder which makes a full-sized c.d.
It has a battery pack which allows it to be used away from
electricity, but only for about an hour. I have used it to
record musicians' jams in camp grounds and other remote places.

The manufacturer of this unit also makes another dual c.d.
recorder (not able to be used withremote battery power feature)
which allows you to play back the recording in another key
with out changing the speed, and also allows you to change the
tempo with out changing the pitch. very interesting features
(like putting on a capo....if you want to change key for singing)

I did get a mini-disc unit once, but was disappointed to find
that it only could download music...thru an optical input jack,
and was not capable of recording live via microphone. (a warning
for those who might be considering getting a mini disc unit--watch
for this--manufacturers forget that anyone actually makes music
these days...they assume everyone just grabs other people's music
off line....) I went with the C.D. recorder to save the time it
would take to transfer recordingsd from the mini disc to C.D.
(i could just see myself not taking the time to do the transfer
and having piles of mini discs around which could not be played
on regular c.d. player or in the car. (most computer c.d. players
and some others DO have a mini-disc "slot" in the tray, i know)

I have seen some awesome small mp3 units these called
river or I-River, and others which can store hours of music .
Thanks for this thread..looking forward to more info added here.