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Posted By: SouthernCelt
18-Feb-07 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Field Recording... Yourself
Subject: RE: Field Recording... Yourself
>>I'm simply using the Samsung MP3 player I was given, stuck on top of a mic stand and built-in mic aimed at the band. It took 3 minutes to set up and test for the first time, and about 15 minutes to split the resulting hourlong recording into tracks, using Total Recorder.<<

I presume the Samsung is a player/recorder if you're recording on it? Do you know the model no. of the unit? I'd like to find something that records well with little effort in the field. Can the Samsung be directly downloaded to a computer via USB or does it require some other wiring connection? I'm a bit surprised that a built-in mic gives adequate response for music w/o clipping the signal. Most built-ins work well for voice only.

I've videotaped several "shows" I've put on for various charitable groups but am not pleased at all with either the sound quality or the fact that the camcorder mic is omnidirectional to a great extent and picks up every cough, sneeze and movement from the nearby audience.

I've recorded a dozen or so songs via better audio equipment into tracks on Cakewalk Guitar Tracks recording software; however, my PC doesn't have a lot of RAM memory so I can't record more than one track at a time and even at times overrun the onboard memory capacity and get dropouts. It's really a ticklish proposal to record with my older PC setup. (One of these days I'm going to get a state-of-the-art PC set up for audio/video processing but I'll need a few more $ before that happens.)