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Posted By: wysiwyg
18-Feb-07 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Field Recording... Yourself
Subject: Field Recording... Yourself!
After listening to several thousand poor-sound-quality field recordings to find GREAT songs for our band, that we could have learned no other way, I finally took the plunge. The result is MP3s I can learn from to improve my work, that I can use to teach our songs to new band members, and that can make a memento not so different from some of the cassette ministries I've helped churches start. I've sent one church service's CD home to the ailing spouse of the partner who I played with one day last week, at his church. Of course, I   hear all the mistakes, and only the mistakes. But... the experience the people had was good enough that they not only invited us to come back, but they want us monthly. ?!?!? Paid. ?!?!?

So.... whatever. :~) [shrug] It is what it is. If they had joy of it, it's all good.

I'm simply using the Samsung MP3 player I was given, stuck on top of a mic stand and built-in mic aimed at the band. It took 3 minutes to set up and test for the first time, and about 15 minutes to split the resulting hourlong recording into tracks, using Total Recorder.

And it was SO EASY, I don't think I will ever care to get any fancier with our setup. (We're not good enough to bother, frankly.)

Do you record your stuff routinely, and what do you do with it?