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Posted By: mg
17-Feb-07 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: What makes a person a good songwriter?
Subject: RE: What makes a person a good songwriter?
I will take another stab here...probably some sort of not getting a swelled head and going on about their craft and how they have to spend hours and hours. If it is not worth the time, don't do it. Watch TV instead or play rugby or something. We don't put huge amounts of effort into writing postcards do we? Yet we get the message across. I think the best songs probably sound somewhat natural and spoken as a person would speak them because that is how they flowed from the person's brain and the more twiddling that is done and revising (why?) the less natural it has to be....go with the first draft and once it is out there in public don't confuse everyone with new versions which I have rarely found to be an improvement over the old ones...if your meter is choppy take it to a copy editor of some sort who can keep the same meaning and most of the phrasing but make it fall better onto the notes. mg