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Posted By: hanrahan
21-Jan-98 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the homeless
Sarah Elizabeth Campbell
on "A Little Tenderness," Deja Disc Records, San Marcos, TX.

1. Geraldine and Ruthie Mae
They'll be cruising Main today
Through the walkways and alleys in the dawning's cold bluster.
They might find a bite to eat
And a place to rest their feet.
Lord, it seems to take all the strength that they can muster.

CHORUS: I don't want to be like them
When my voice is frail and thin,
Hiding in the shadows at night,
Counting hours 'til it's light.

2. This winter's been a hard one:
Lots of rain and no sun.
Old legs hurt and it's hard to keep them moving.
It's the fourth winter that they've thought
Each other is all they've got,
With their old carts pushed by hands as frail as birds' wings. CHORUS

3. Geraldine and Ruthie Mae,
Going crazier every day,
In a city going full speed around them,
With their bundles and their bags,
Their trinkets and their rags,
In a world going full speed around them. CHORUS

4. Geraldine and Ruthie Mae,
They'll be cruising Main today,
In a word that's going full speed around them.

I believe Sarah hails from Austin where she hosts an open mike consisting of only songs of sorrow and woe. Buy her CD. It's lovely.