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Posted By: rechal
21-Jan-98 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the homeless
Lucinda Williams wrote a beautiful song called "Sidewalks of the City" (I think).

As you walk along the sidewalks of the city

You see a man with hunger in his face

And all around you, crumbling buildings and graffiti

As you bend down to tie your shoelace.

Sirens scream, but you don't listen

You have to reach home before night

And now the sun beats down, it makes the sidewalks glisten

And somehow you just don't feel right

Hold me, baby, give me some faith

Let me know you're there, let me touch your face

Give me love, give me grace

Tell me good things, tell me that my world is safe

(I forget the next verse)

A woman stops you with a question

So you drop some money in her hand

She sleeps in doorways and bus stations

And you'll never understand.

Hold me, baby etcetera