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08-Feb-07 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Anti protest songs
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Anti protest songs
MacColl's 1960s 'Flower People' song is just the one for you:

Go man, go, shake your bells and count your beads,
It's what you feel, not what ou do, quiescence is the creed,
The problems of the universe can drive you round the bend,
So contemplate your navel and you'll find peace in the end.

I used to be committed man, switched on as I could be,
And every Easter I'd go maching with the CND,
But now I wear a fleur de Lis a-painted on my snout;
I'm one of the flower people, for I have opted out.

I used to be ever so active, always rushing to and fro,
I'd boy/girlfirneds by the dozen and I kept them on the go,
I could never make my mind up who the chosen one could be,
But a spot of meditation showed the chosen one was me.

The world is full of boring cats who talk about the freeze,
Complaining that the Government has brought them to their knees,
So they strike and demonstrate and argue all their working hours
When all they've got to do is hand the boss a bunch of flowers.

Not long ago I met a feller who was very fond of me,
Three cops were belting him outside the US Embassy,
The odds were all against him but he like a tiger fought,
I gave him a rose and told him to keep on thinking loving thoughts.

They talk about evictions and folks thrown out on the street,
If they'd only stop their worrying they'd have their problems beat,
When the bailiff comes to sling you out, a little love extend-
Present him with carnations and you'll find you've made a friend.

I know a feller from Walthamstow, he's ever such a dear,
He used to run a beat group, now he trains as a fakir,
He wears a yellow sari and some old Tibetan shawls,
And from his waist there's dangling two little yellow balls.

Everywhere you turn there's only politics and strife,
Why don't you get some hippie gear and lead a peaceful life,
Some little bells, some Dexedrine, a rose, a stick of tea-
You can bypass all your troubles on a trip with LSD.

Alternatively, of course, you can always buy a bucket of sand and bury your head in it!
Jim Carroll