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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
02-Feb-07 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Folk Process - is it dead?
Subject: RE: Folk Process - is it dead?
The element that will keep most rap out of the folk process is the lack of a tune. Broomfield Hill and Knoxville Girl were passed along not because of the fascinating aspects of homicide involved, but because you could hum the melody. The music becomes a memory aid and organizer. Most rap is beat related.
An example of a violent rap song...

Ludacris - Cry Babies (Oh No)

I caught him with a blow to the chest
My hollow put a hole in his vest
I'm bout to send two to his dome
Cry babies go home!
I just bought some new guns my mama said "it ain't worth it"
But I'm at the shooting range just cause
practice makes perfect
(from Word of Mouf, Defjam, 2001)

This points out another problem with rap. While the lyrics provoke an immediate gut response, there is no story line that can be grabbed hold of. It's as if Stagger Lee had not been written as the tale of a murder recounted by an observer, but as a diatribe by Stagger Lee himself about how bad he is. It might be shocking, and maybe you can dance to it, but I'd bet a dollar no body will remember this thing in 15 years, much less 150.