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Posted By: Gene
20-Jan-98 - 07:43 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the homeless
Subject: Lyr Add: MACARTHUR'S HAND^^
One of my favorite songs that deals with both the affects of war and the aftermath is by Cal Smith, of COUNTRY BUMPKIN fame...

Recorded by Cal Smith
Writer: Don Wayne

With high cheek bones and dark, sad eyes and shaggy coarse black hair
The old man squared his shoulders and returned the judge's stare
Then the judge pronounced him guilty to the charge of vagrancy
He said, "I've heard, Your Honor, now Your Honor, you hear me."

For I once shook the great MacArthur's hand
He pinned his medal on me 'cause I was his kind of man
I stood my ground in that red hot hell, when brave men turned and ran
Yes, I once shook the great MacArthur's hand.

I've got no job or money, just a few old ragged clothes
But I'm not a thief or beggar and it's no crime to be broke
I hadn't harmed a single soul when they arrested me
I was fit to fight your war, am I not fit to walk your streets.


I came through that hell unharmed, that's what the records show
But MacArthur knew the scars and hurt the war left on men's souls
And I'm not at all concerned about what your kind think of me
I earned a great man's handshake and that's all the pride I need.