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Posted By: Barry
20-Jan-98 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the homeless
Subject: Lyr Add: Sissy Lee
A few that might fit "Drentwater's Farewell", "A-Begging I Will Go" & "Highlander's Lament". One that i've never been able to figure out all the words to & had forgotten about is "Sissy Lee", I'll post what I've got & maybe someone can fill in the blanks.

[Oh Sissy Lee was in Eastern square sitting
knittiong a cartagin never to were
At 79 with her memory fading
Joys of this life she's forgotten & nobody cares]

[Oh Sissy Lee by the baker shop window
Was just an ol widow no money to spend
They bade he move on but they gave no (reductions?)
The food in the window was fed to the pigs at days end]

[Oh Sissy Lee gazed & looked at the statue
Of the unknown soldiers who died long ago
When food it was cheap & life was still cheaper
The (time ?) he fought for his country & fell to the foe]

[Oh Sissy Lee passed the baker shop window
She saw the fresh cream cakes being thrown in the bin
Oh & under........oh the
I've worked all my life now I feel that it's time to give in]

[Oh Sissy Lee...................stood on th cupboard
She read the newspaper while sipping her tea
The free meals for children
While on the next page the dumped 10 million tons in the sea]

[Oh Sissy Lee bleary eyed feeling weary
Accended the stairs for some much needed sleep
She never awoke she was found 3 days later
A few at the grave stood (the kind they....?)]

The tune was haunting, it was sung at a Passim's (coffeehouse in Harvard Sq.,Cambridge) open singers party (maybe 20 yrs ago) under the guidence of Peter Johnson, the woman who sang it was a fiddler in a group called the Poodles. Sure would be nice to hear the full version again.

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